Well they closed the PS Forums topic on this forum

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Well they closed the PS Forums topic on this forum

Post  ShadowVisions on Wed Jan 05, 2011 4:54 pm

CardinalRose's PM:

Your thread about your new forum has been removed. It violates the Rules of Conduct about spamming and advertising your own website. I see that you're a long time, active member of these forums and would like to hear your feedback about the new forum platform and why you seem to no longer wish to be a part of it. Constructive feedback is appreciated and listened to. We want to help make these boards the best they can.


So I responded to CardinalRose's PM:
When I first logged on to these new forums, it took me about 15-20 JUST to find the motorstorm forums. The bright white structure hurts my eyes. I MUCH preferred the black and I would say that and the fact you cant edit all your posts (or use other old features such as kudo) is why I wanted to attempt to create a place that was easy to navigate, not as hard on the eyes and had most of the old things that I know the motorstorm community enjoyed. I would really have no problem with these forums if it had better navigation (which I see you're improving on), old features and an option for the black background nearly everyone I knew on these forums used. In fact, if you did that, I probably would just delete the attempt to improve I did and stay here, as I really don't want the community to be broken up from this change and I just want the best for it.

Another annoying but tolerable change is censoring. I'll just say it kind of looks bad when a mod has to get around the censoring system to say ****** (l o c k e d not sure if it will show up in PM).

Be sure to "bring back the black"


SO we better advertise if the forums don't get better Very Happy

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